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Links and Downloads

Focalizing Dynamic Links - Sample Chapters

Focalizing Dynamic Links outlines a new human technology for connecting and communicating differently, effecting organizational transformation through 21st-century collaboration. It brings a conscious intention to relationship so that the energy shared and exchanged is for the good of each person, and for the good of us all.

I am pleased to share the introduction and first chapter here with you.


Conscious Business Operating Model Presentation

The Conscious Business Operating Model recognizes the organization itself is conscious, with an awareness of itself beyond the individuals who form it. It’s a paradigm shift in perspective so that when inner conditions are clear, conscious practices naturally arise generating sustainable results.

This presentation describes the elements and practices of a Conscious Business in more detail.


Valleys of PeaceMeditation Recording

Barry's Valleys of Peace meditation is useful in preparing you for your day, providing a break when it gets difficult or ensuring a restful sleep when practiced before bed.  The meditation is very healing when practiced regularly, as your body “learns”  how to re-regulate itself when stress overwhelms your system.

This 12 minute recorded meditation will be emailed to you in a file format you can copy into your iTunes or other digital player and is best experienced through earphones.


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